Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Lost Recipients

over the last year I have been trying to track down the owners to a number of AoA scrolls that were in the CoS files when I received them. Most of these people have now been tracked down but I still have 12 scrolls in my files that I can not find the owners for.
To put all of these scrolls up on the Lochac Scribes blog will take to much space and seems to cause blogger to have problems I have set up a Lochac Scribes Flickr account to put them up on. Could everyone please have a look at this account and see if you can help me track down the owner of these scrolls.
If you know the owner or have contact details for them please contact me. Some of these people I know personally but I do not have contact details for them. If you can get them to contact me or if you can send me their details so I can contact them please do.
My e-mail address is provost@lochac.sca.org
The Flickr address for the photos is http://www.flickr.com/photos/48016044@N02/


  1. Perhaps you could post name of the recipients here because some of the calligraphy is hard to read from the photos.

    And listing the names of the scribes should probably be a standard thing to do here. It's the work of the college and we should get in the habit of recognising each other's work. These are old scrolls so the scribes work may be very different now - if they are still playing.

  2. Okay. I see the names are listed in the Ductus issue above.

  3. I started putting these details on Flickr with each photo but ran out of time. I will do it when I get a bit more time. Currently in the notes for each photo is the name for most of the recipients but I have not put up the scribe and I have missed out a couple of names. Hopefully additional details, where I have them, will be up later this week.