Wednesday, March 10, 2010

AoA Scrolls from Riverhaven

These AoA have just recently made it to me from Riverhaven. They were done by Katherine Alicia of Sarum and Hanbal has already received his although we have yet to track down Elyas.
This is the first time this particular Persian blank has been completed as there were some difficulties fitting in the Kings/ Princes name. As you can see Katherine has solved this problem by putting the name in white up in a square at the top of the scroll. She has done this by painting out some of the blank in this section. I think this was an excellent solution to this problem and Hanbal was certainly very excited to receive this particular blank as it worked so well with his persona.
Two more AoA's down for this year. It is wonderful to see the movement that the college has made over the last few months.

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