Thursday, February 11, 2010

Hello from St Florian

We've started doing scribal night every fortnight at A&S. Most are just learning to use paint, and to hold a pen so it may take a little while before we're up to speed.
We're very new.. Two sessions in fact. This was from our first night and we were fortunate enough to have Katherine Alycia of Sarum come and visit. - we had a few more on the second night. I'm taking photos of everyone's achievement every week so we can all see how we've progressed.
None of us are warranted so we're really finding our way. . .
What we need is encouragement, kind words, and direction on what to do. Suggestions on texts, type of paint, tips and tricks to stop us from going made would be a useful thing.
Next session is in a week so I'll have more photos then!


  1. Yay, so good to see other scribing groups. this is very exciting. I get to put faces to names, well actually more like shoulders to names as well so that when I meet up with people at Festival and they say hello to me I actually really do know who I am talking to instead of just pretending I do.

  2. Who's who so we can put faces to names?