Thursday, February 11, 2010

AoA Writ

Hi everyone, katherine kerr of the Hermitage didn't have time to put this up on our blog so I am doing it for her. This is what a sample AoA Writ looked like when she put it together to take to CF last week. katherine's report is below-

This is the folded writ with the seal tag loosely wrapped around it
and a Kingdom seal standing in place of the smaller green Scribes
seal that is planned for.

When I handed it over for people to look at, there wasn't any seal
and the tag was wrapped quite firmly around the writ and looped
through to secure it. People really liked the tactile nature of
opening the writ package -- they may not even feel the need for a
seal, though I think it's a nice touch.

There is room for the name, date and event to be written on the
outside of the packet.

This is the draft writ with the folding instructions noted in the
corners (that would not, of course, be in the real ones). It
demonstrates the fold at the bottom with the seal tag sewn in place
in period style, courtesy of Baroness Teffania. The Royal Seal is
simply sitting on top of the rest of the tag as a "stand-in".

This draft has the personal name on the inside, but people thought
that having it on the outside would be more practical in a number of

The instruction sheet is folded a couple of times and tucks nicely
into the bottom folded strip. It would be good, if at all possible,
to keep the wording/layout of the text such that the sheet doesn't
poke over the top of it, but that's not a huge biggie. I noted that
virtually everyone who held the writ read it and then immediately
started to unfold the sheet, so that was good.

The writ also folds up small enough to sit nicely inside the circle
of the Crowns in the carry box.


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  1. I agree, writing the name and date, on the outside, will be much more practicle.