Sunday, March 20, 2011


I have finally managed to track down and get scrolls to most of the people that the scribes have done scrolls for over the last nine months. That means that all of the scrolls that have been done over that period should now be on the Flickr site so that we can now judge our competition.

The way the judging works is- every scroll gets three points, those points go one to each of the people who have done the calligraphy, the illumination and the device. In addition to those three points every person on the scribes list, is a scribe who has contributed over the last 9 months, has 10 points to allocate. You can allocate these in whichever way you see fit. For example you may like to allocate 5 to some amazing illumination on one scroll and then one each to another five scrolls that you feel the calligraphy or device was particularly good on, or you may like to allocate 2 points to five different scrolls. It is totally up to you except that you can not allocate points to your own work.

You will need to e-mail me with the details on how you are going to allocate your 10 points. I need to know your name but your name will then be crossed off my list as having voted and your vote will remain anonymous to everyone aside from myself. I will not keep a record of your particular vote, only that you have voted. All votes will then be recorded just as individual points and allocated to a scroll.

Please let me know if you are voting for the calligraphy, device or illumination on a scroll so that if a scroll was done by multiple people I can allocate it to the person who did the work.

To check out all the scrolls that can be voted upon please go to

All scrolls that could have been done by a blank are included in this competition regardless of whether they were done by a blank or not. So an original AA, GoA or County scroll could all have been included.

If there is a scroll not on the Flickr site that you believe should be there please let me know and send a photo of that scroll to me. With so many scrolls coming through this year it was very easy for me to miss taking the occasional photograph. I have tried to make sure that I have copies of any scrolls that I missed taking a photo of but it is possible that I have totally missed some.

All votes need to be in by the 17th of April so that I can collate them and sort them out for Festival.

I look forward to seeing who wins the competition. Good luck to all those people who entered. There will be both a group and an individual winner.

Caristiona nic Beathain
Provost of Scribes

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