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Newsletter of the Royal College & Confraternity of Scribes & Illuminators of the Kingdom of Lochac

Volume 11 Issue 1 November 2010

Greetings all and welcome to the November issue of Ductus.

Congratulations to everyone. I know that this time of year gets slow and full of other commitments but I have been hugely impressed with the amount of effort everyone has put into completing the scrolls assigned to them this year.

We currently have 1 AA on my database to be assigned and we have been making heavy inroads into Grants and Grant related awards and into the Royal Peerage scrolls. We still have about 10 GA scrolls to be assigned this year but the number is going down and a remarkable effort has seen these scrolls substantially reduce in number.

We ended up having 6 GA blanks which provided a reasonably wide range of choice for those doing GA scrolls. We also have two RP blanks for those who wish to use them for RP scrolls.

In addition to all of this exciting news we have also started with the new process of having the RP scroll for those outgoing Royalty, who have their name and device registered, presented when they receive their RP. I look forward to seeing Lenore's scroll being handed out at 12th Night in January 2011.


Our competition ends at Canterbury Faire, on the 29th of January and we still have close to 40 scrolls to come in. Please try and get these scrolls to me as soon as possible. I would like to see as many of these scrolls completed as possible before the cut off date of 29th of January.

We also have approximately 20 more scrolls still to assign mostly GA's and RP's at this stage. We do have one more AA that needs to be assigned. So if anyone is going well and wants to take on extra assignments please let me know. I am always after helpful scribes.

Once the AoA scroll competition is completed we will be starting the Pelican Scroll drive. This will officially take off as of Festival 2011 but I would like to encourage people to get a head start. This time I will take Pelican scrolls that are completed later than Festival, but they do not need to be started later than Festival to be part of the competition.

I would like to remind everyone that you do not need to do a whole scroll yourself. Please find people who you want to collaborate with if you feel you can only do either calligraphy or illumination. I am also happy for you to use things like the Atlantian blank templates if you do not feel confident in designing a scroll yourself. There are lots of templates in the zip file that can be used just add calligraphy and colour. If you are unable to find these templates or would like me to send you the zip file please let me know.

Other suggestions for designing scrolls include tracing work from Books of Hours or doing a full design combing elements from different scrolls in a similar time period and of a similar style.

If you are unable to find someone to work with but you feel you are only able to do either the calligraphy or the illumination for a scroll please let me know. I will either do the element you are unable to do myself or find someone else who you can work with.

Pelican Scrolls

As you all know our next target for next year is to complete all the outstanding Pelican scrolls.

There will of course still be GA and AA scrolls that keep coming in during next year so for those scribes who really feel uncomfortable working on original scrolls I will make every effort to keep you working on the GA's, RP's and AA's that come in over the course of the next year.

In the mean time I have asked for the Pelican's to be contacted to see if any of them have particular preferences. Currently the unassigned Pelican scrolls that I have on my backlog that I would like to see completed next year are for;

Alethea of Shrewsbury
Alfar of Attica
Antonia di Benedetto Calvo
Asbjørn Pedersen Marsvin
Aylwin Greymane
Bain de Saint Florian
Bernnard Sterling
Cairistiona inghean Raghnaill
Catalina de Gata
Catherine the Friendly
Constanzia Moralez y d Zamora
Corin Anderson
Cristoval Gitano
Elspeth Caerwent
Fineamhain an Einigh inghean ui Chonchobhair
Gabriel de Beaumont
Gwir verch Madog
Hanbal al-Barbari
Hrólfr Hreggviðarson
Hrothgar aer Gytingbroc
Ingerith Ryzka
Jessica of Fearn Abbey
Kasian Astrakhanovich
ketherine kerr of the Hermitage
Keridwen the Mouse
Louisa Lyppard de Cattone
Margie of Glen More
Marit the Wanderer
Miriam de Mont Noir
Nicolette Dufay
Osgot of Corfe
Rangarn Mangnusson
Rowena le Sarjent
Sancha da Sylva
Siona of the Eagle's Nest
Stephen Aldred
Sven the Stormdriven
Thaddeus Blayney
Vitale Giustiniani
Vittoria del Fiore
William de Cameron

Please contact me if you have a particular desire to do a scroll for one of the above people. I will give preference to older scrolls first and then I will move onto assigning newer scrolls. So please try and request people that you know and that have had their Pelican for a long time before you request people who have only just received their Pelican in the last year or so.

With Pelican scrolls I do recommend that you talk to the recipient to see if they have any preferences. If you are unable to accommodate those preferences let me know I am always happy to reassign scrolls if what the recipient wants is not something you feel comfortable doing.

In the mean time I have asked any Pelicans who have distinct preferences to contact me so that I can discuss this with anyone taking on an assignment before the assignment is given out where possible.

Newly Warranted Scribes

There have not been as many newly warranted scribes this quarter as in the previous quarter but I would like to welcome

Tamsyn Northover- illumination only as a new scribe and

Riona of Caerleon- illumination only as a scribe from the past who has come back to help out with our AA and GA backlog.

Both of these scribes have already completed the illumination for their first scrolls and it is wonderful to see this increase in scribes.

Once again congratulations to you all you have done a wonderful job this year. For those scribes I do not have more contact with between now and Christmas;

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Caristiona nic Beathain

Provost of Scribes

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