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Newsletter of the Royal College & Confraternity of Scribes & Illuminators of the Kingdom of Lochac
Volume 10 Issue 4 September 2010

Greetings all and welcome to the September issue of Ductus.

My apologise that this issue is late. Unfortunately the real world has taken precedence for the last couple of months. That is almost over for the year so hopefully I will be more up to date for the foreseeable future.

Our AoA competition is going extremely well. We have only six remaining AoA's not assigned on my database. I know this is more than the two that we had a while ago but people keep getting their names and devices registered. However the important thing is that we are keeping up so this is wonderful.

Not only have kept going with the AoA's but we have now started work on the GoA blacklog. Mistress Branwen has produced two GoA blanks and I have produced one so we are currently working on getting some of the GoA scrolls completed. As people finish the scrolls they are currently assigned they will either be given additional AoA's or be moved onto GoA's depending on their experience, abilities and willingness.

Old Scrolls
Of the scrolls that were placed in Ductus in June to be assigned because they have been on the backlog for so long the three scrolls that have been assigned are:

Eric Ravn KSCA Stephan & Niobe (West) 30/04/1994
Kane Greymane OP Valgard & Megan (West) 27/08/1994
Muirghein ni Ghrainne GA Fabian & Cyneswith (West) 9/04/1995

Thank you to those who have taken on these scrolls. I look forward to seeing them completed.

At this stage I will not be asking anyone else to take on assignments other than the AoA's, GoA's and RP scrolls that are part of the competition.

Our competition ends at Canterbury Faire, on the 29th of January and we still have close to 50 scrolls to assign and many more to complete so I would like to encourage everyone to keep working.

Once the AoA scroll competition is completed we will be starting the Pelican Scroll drive. This will officially take off as of Festival 2011 but I would like to encourage people to get a head start. This time I will take Pelican scrolls that are completed later than Festival, but they do not need to be started later than Festival to be part of the competition.

Missing Scroll
A scroll was done for Milborough Aldaway in 2004 by Keridwen the Mouse. The scroll is listed in the database as having been given out but was never received by the recipient. If anyone has any idea where this scroll may be can you please contact me as it has a home to go to.

Newly Warranted Scribes
A number of recent scribes have sent me their first piece of work so that they can be warranted to produce work for the College. I would like to congratulate;

Alessandra de Florenza illumination only
Arlette Mortimer illumination only
Catherine d’Arc calligraphy and illumination
Celestria Ashwood calligraphy and illumination
katherine kerr calligraphy and illumination
Katherne Richer calligraphy and illumination
Iuliana Morosini illumination only
Margarete Engelhardtz calligraphy and illumination
Tatiiana Kalinin calligraphy and illumination
As you can see we are fast growing the College of Scribes with new members. This is wonderful to see.

Awards for Scribes

I would like to congratulate Katherine Alicia of Sarum for her admittance to the Order of the Silver Pelican for her work in the Scribal arts both as a teacher and as one of our most prolific scribes. Katherine has done a huge amount of work this year helping others get started and producing scrolls

The first of the new Writs have gone out and have been well received by both their Majesties and those who have received them. We have still not obtained a scribes seal although we are currently in the process of sorting out quotes and hopefully getting the work done. I hope that this will be done relatively soon. In the mean time the Writs are going out with the Kingdom seal done in green. This seems to be working well.

County and Duchy Scrolls
After having discussed options with many of the scribes over the Scribal list it seems that the preferred option is to have a scroll for the K&Q done by the end of their Reign as either a blank or an original, depending on what the scribe prefers. For those who reign and do not have a registered name and device it seems that the consensus is that we give them a Writ similar in style to the AoA Writs that are given out in their Reign.

If there are any further comments on this I would like them to be either sent to me or put up on the list. The the big question is, do we get this ready for the current Reign or do we wait for the one after it, remembering that neither of their current Majesties have a registered name and device.

Caristiona nic Beathain
Provost of Scribes

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