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Newsletter of the Royal College & Confraternity of Scribes & Illuminators of the Kingdom of Lochac
Volume 10 Issue 3 June 2010

Greetings all and welcome to the June issue of Ductus.

We have started the AoA competition with a bang with close to 20 of the AoA's making up our backlog completed and delivered and all of the Caid AoA's now completed and mostly delivered. At this rate we will have finished all the current AoA backlog by around October. When this happens the competition will continue as we work on blanks for Grants and for Royal scrolls. I have been hugely impressed with the work that everyone has put into reducing the backlog and encourage it to continue.

Old Scrolls
Although we are well on the way to getting rid of the AoA backlog there are many Peerage and Grant scrolls that need to be completed. Some of these have now been sitting on our backlog for a very long time. I am going to put out a list of the top five oldest scrolls that need to be completed each Ductus and would like to ask for volunteers to completed these scrolls.

The current oldest scrolls on the CoS backlog belong to;

Eric Ravn KSCA Stephan & Niobe (West) 30/04/1994
Kane Greymane OP Valgard & Megan (West) 27/08/1994
Eleanor Lyttellhayles OL John & Gabriel (West) 28/08/1994
Sven the Stormdriven OP John & Gabriel (West) 28/08/1994
Muirghein ni Ghrainne GA Fabian & Cyneswith (West) 9/04/1995

If anyone would like to be assigned one of these scrolls please contact me so that I can get further details to you and confirm the assignment.

Completed Scrolls
After some considerable searching the number of scrolls sitting in my files with no home as been reduced to two. These are Aulay Leod and one that was not on the previous list- Karl Krigerhelm. If anyone has contact details for these two gentles could they please let me know.
Thank you to all of those who helped me to find all of the other recipients.

If you know of any current details for either of these Good Gentles could you please let me know so that I can get their scrolls to them as soon as possible. Photographs of all of these scrolls have been placed on the Lochac Scribes Flickr site at

Newly Warranted Scribes
A number of recent scribes have sent me their first piece of work so that they can be warranted to produce work for the College. I would like to congratulate;
Katrijn van Delden
Maihread of Braeside
Leylii bint Hizir (calligraphy only at this stage)
Anna von Freiberg

Awards for Scribes
The amount of work done by many scribes has generated a lot of interest in scribal works in the SCA recently. As a result a few scribes have received awards for the work that they have done to promote the scribal arts as a service for the Kingdom.
I would like to congratulate Keridwen the Mouse, Maeve nĂ­ Iasachta and Aeron Lassair for their Silver Pegasus which confers a Grant of Arms. Each of these scribes was instrumental in completing the Crescent Isles Caid AoA's.

Due to a misunderstanding in the scribal processes Gentles from the Cresent Isles had never received any of their AoA's. After extensive negotiations with Caid it was decided that a bunch of Rowany scribes would take on the job of designing blanks and completing all of the Crescent Isles, Caid, AoA and AoA level award backlog. These three scribes were instrumental in this process. What was particularly impressive is that they took on this job while at the same time working towards reducing the Lochac backlog. These scribes have each also completed AoA's and originals for Lochac while working on the Caid scrolls. This was a huge undertaking and the award was richly deserved by each of these scribes.

I would also like to congratulate Madoc ap Gryffith. Madoc has recently received his AoA. After having been in the SCA for over 20 years Madoc has finally settled in one place long enough to get his AoA. Madoc has done extensive work for the CoS over the last year, he has contributed to getting the CoS ready for the AoA competition and to building up the CoS in Ynys Fawr. Madoc's AoA is also well deserved.

I would also like to congratulate Mistress katherine kerr. She will be elevated to the order of the Laurel at Canterbury Faire for her work in “commonplace books to educate the populace in items of
suitable knowledge; broadsheets to announce the results of a Crown Tournament; collections of poetry and prose to record our doings; certain chapbooks, scurrilous though they may be, and so forth.” katherine has also contributed to many of the recent works of the CoS with her research into seals and their attachments and with her Writ prototypes.

The new Writs will be coming out next Reign. Currently negotiations are under way for the completion of the seals that will be used by the Wardens to seal the Writs. It is hoped that these will be available to all Wardens before Midwinter Crown.

Negotiations are under way to find out what the preferences of Their Royal Highnesses are regarding the hand and style of the first Writs. Once this has been completed a call will go out for all scribes who would like to contribute to do a Writ in the hand favoured by Their Royal Highnesses, they will then be able to choose which one they would like to use for their Reign. The blank for this Writ will then be passed out to all Wardens so that Their Royal Highnesses can have access to it at any location they may need it. The seals will also be provided so that Writs can be sealed anywhere hopefully making the process a lot easier for all future Royalty and scribes.

I would like to say how impressed I am with the activity on the blog. My apologise for not having published much on their myself recently. It has been wonderful to see how much work others are doing around the Kingdom. This has been a useful resource for many. I hope to see work continuing to be put up on the blog and hope to put a few of my own posts up shortly.

Caristiona nic Beathain
Provost of Scribes

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