Sunday, May 9, 2010

Where to put it?

Hi everyone,

I've just been looking at the scribes web page and I've been trying to find a logical place to add links to the blog and the flickr site. I suppose the easiest thing would be to put them both on the front page but we don't want too much here as it will spoil the look.

A link to flickr would be logical in the gallery section. A link to the blog would make a sort of sense in the Model book, Lectern and Owlery or even in all three.

Does anyone have any cunning ideas?


  1. With the Gallery, I'd actually suggest moving all the images we currently have on the SCA server off onto Flikr - it has more hosting space!

    One of the things I'd like to do with the dynamic part of the site that I am still working on (slowly, I know, but it's not forgotten) is to store links to images of scrolls in the database with the rest of the records for that scroll. This would let us replace the existing Gallery with a dynamic page that would let you sort scroll images by recipient, or by scribe or award or whatever. This is likely to use a fair bit more bandwidth than the current static setup, but Flikr has no trouble with that.

  2. I wouldn't like to move everything off site to flickr. The scribe's site galleries are intended to showcase the very best examples of scribal work to the public and other kingdoms, not necessarily to put up every single scroll. Update the galleries with recent outstanding examples for sure, and possibly have a link to flickr along the lines of 'see more here'.

    While you're there it might be an idea to rejig the galleries into a more order: originals, preprints, other stuff and the 'behind the scene/making of' sections- Rohesia's, mine, Maeve's etc.

  3. I see what you mean about link to the blog. Unless we link it off the fraternity (which itself shouldn't have been a link off the front page, but from the list of artists)? Or maybe turn 'The Vault' into 'Letters Close' for example to incorporate both current and archived communications?

  4. I'd put the link to the Flickr site in the library and links to both the blog and the mailing list in the Owlery.